Oxygen Capsule efficacy

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Oxygen deficiency symptom: Rhinitis, mild apnea syndrome, smoking and shallow breathing
Difficulty in falling asleep, light sleep and short sleep duration
Bad  metabolism and circulation  (Edema, cold, rough skin and stiffness)
During daytime, feeling sleepy,  chronically spacing out, being easy to yawn, and developing headaches.
Stress accumulates, and nerves strain.
Eye fatigue is felt due to working at PC or desk job.
There is no time for excercise because of busy working.
Drinking too much and smoking.
Unable to recover from fatigue after exercise.
Hoping to enhance the natural healing power for injuries, including bruise, bone fracture, ligament injury, muscle dislocation and inflammation. 
On a diet.

Unexpected effects of Oxygen Capsule and its relationships with health

  1. For physical exhaustion and eye fatigue.
  2. Eliminating oxygen deficiency in the brain and activating the functions of the brain.
  3. Eliminating the lack of sleep leads to eliminating stress.
  4. Aerobic exercise leads to healthy and effective diet. 
  5. Esthetic effect and skin enhancement can be expected. 
  6. Due to the ample supply of Oxygen, swelling and poor circulation will be imporoved and the detoxification effect can also be expected.
  7. Anti-aging efects.
  8. The enhancement of the natural healing power.

Those who can use Oxygen Capsules

Anybody who can get aboard an airplane can use Oxigen Capsules.
However, persons in the following cases cannot use:
  • Taking insulin.
  • Using a pacemaker.
  • Hypertensive persons unable to maintain normal pressure by taking medicine.
  • Pregnant persons and those who cannot equalize the plugged ears in flight.
  • Claustrophobic persons.
  • Persons who go to hospital regularly need consent of the doctors.

Side effects

For our high pressure oxygen capsules, we don't carry out artificial air concentration but use only natural air. Therefore, do not worry about oxygen poisoning or the increase of active oxygen. The reason why many athletes choose our high pressure oxygen capsules is that they have no side effects.