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Q: How long should we stay in the capsule as most appropriat time? Is it safe to stay longer?

A: Either for oxygen capsule or for body, there are no problems. But it cannot be said that the longer the best. Because the amount of dissolved oxygen varies according to the air pressure, it cannot be said that, if you stay for 6 hours, you can get six-time effect form it. The majority say that they become comfortable if they stay for 90-120 minutes. Of course, there are customers who stay for 30 minutes every day, too.  Customers can choose appropriate time according to their own schedules.

Q: I heard that one hour in capsule is equivalent to several hours of normal sleep. Are there cases that one cannot sleep at night after the use?

A: Cumulative sleep is impossible, please consider it as supplementary to the lack of sleep. On the contrary, many customers have good sleep after the use.

Q: How long does the effect endure? How often shall I go? 

A: Though there are variations between individuals, the enhancement of blood oxygen concentration endures for 72 hours (3 days) so that coming twice a week is effective and physical improvement is expected. Please feel actual effect as a result of a one-month continuation.

Q: How often do the average customers come?

A: Some customers have a clear purpose for dieting. They use of the oxygen capsule every day. It should be noted that, by taking oxygen with high air pressure, the amount one can intake will increase. In case of some capsules, risk for aging may accelerate a little bit like a bronze coin oxidizes. However, our devices have been made safe to the extent that they are safe for those using every day. 

Q: My body is very big. Can I enter the oxygen capsule?

A: There is no limit. In the past, we welcomed a customer with the weight of 120 kg and height 190 cm, who can enter without any problem.

Q: What items should not be brought to the oxygen capsule?

A: Items which might cuase fire, spray cans, PET bottles, eye drops and other products easily crushed, food and beverages 

Q: Can I go out from the capsule in the middle?

A: In principle, please refrain from going out in the middle, but in case of going to the toilette or emergencies, please push the interphone button and you may go out in 3 minutes.

Q: Can I open the capsule from inside?

A: If you need something, please push the interphone button, our staffer will help you out. In emergencies, please pull the manual valve, the pressure will reduce, and the door will open.

Q: Can claustrophobic customers use it?

A: Our capsule is the biggest of this kind, and its acrylic entrance is transparent, so it doesn't give any sense of oppression. For comfortable sleep, towel usually covers the transparent entrance. If you let it uncovered, you can see outside through the entrance and you will have no problem. Please consult with our staffers.

Q: Can I turn over?

A In general cases, you can turn over.

Q: Does someone oversleep?

A: If time is up, power is automatically cut off, and our staffer will wake you up. Don't worry. If you wish, please tell the staffers to change the time setting.

Q: Can I use my cell phone in the capsule?

A: Yes, you can. Some highly-sealed waterproof cell phones may be deformed. So, it is clients' responsibility to use such phones.

Q: Can I drink after?

A: On the day when you carry out business entertainment or drink yourself, please try our capsule beforehand. As blood circulation is facilitated, it is said that one may get drunk earlier, but there are variations between individuals. It does, however, help resolve acetaldehyde and prevent hangover.

Q: Previously, I felt ear pain after the capsule, is this OK to do it again? 

A: We cannot give a sweeping comment as things depend on your condition of the day. For some people ear pain may last for a while. As the air is gradually decompressed to the normal 1 air pressure, if you don't feel headache or dizzy, it would be no problem basically. If you worry about it, please talk to our staffers beforehand.

Q: Can I do face pack in the capsule?

A Because it enhances skin metabolism, we can recommend the use of beauty lotion or facial treatment pack in the capsule.

Q: I worry about  side effects.

A: As the negative effects of excessive oxygen intake, we can consider oxygen poisoning and the increase of oxygen radical. You need not worry about such things because we are using only natural air and we never carry out air concentration at all.

Q: Does it give effect on diet?

A: We can not affirm that "it works," but some reported that their weights decreased by one kg or so. Some became slimmer than before as a result that their bodies' metabolism has been activated, they eat less and exercise more. For example, a customer reported that he had used the capsule and took a half bath in the night, then he sweat a lot in a half time than usual. So it is thought that there is an effect to some extent.

Q: Is it true that its effects include height increase?

A: Due to a rheological effect that the same pressure is applied to the whole body, the skeleton balance is temporarily improved, and in some cases the height increases by 0.5 to 1 cm.

Q: My foot was sprained. Does it work?

A: Increased oxygen in the body helps anti-inflammatory effect and cell regeneration so that it is expected that injuries recover fast and scars become inconspicuous. However, there are variations between individuals. A customer reported that his cast was removed in 10 days though he was in bone fracture treatment expected for three weeks. 

Q: I attend a gym. Which should I go first?

A: If one uses the oxygen capsule first to store a large amount of oxygen and goes to the gym, one will promote metabolism by utilizing the surplus oxygen, thus a lot of sweat pouring. Aside from gym goers, it is said that those going to bedrock bath or sauna can enjoy elevated exercise effect by using the oxygen capsule beforehand.

Q: I had the image that we should exercise first and then go to the capsule. . .

A: Since oxygen capsule is not a medical treatment, we don't recommend that you should definitely use the capsule first. However, after using the capsule you will promote metabolism and sweat much so that many customers use the capsule first.
ining. Because the Kaatsu training compresses the vasculature proximal to the muscles to the limit, the injured muscle cells need abundant oxygen to recovery. Therefore, if one uses the capsule after the Kaatsu training, athletes can alleviate body's burden for recovery. Actually, some athletes visit our shop after the Kaatsu training.

Q: Next time,  can I come at 22:00? 

A: On weekdays and Sundays, the last reception is 22:00. (Please visit us until 22:15.) 
On Fridays and Saturdays, our shop opens until 6:00 a.m. (Please visit us until 5:15.)

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