Flow of process


For reservations until the day before, contact
Reservation by the telephone 03-3535-7077

Please tell the course you're wishing.

Please choose the course you're wishing from various courses (time).

Please put shoes in a shoe cupboard.

There is also a shoe box of exclusive use of boots.

Please store the baggage in the locker.

There is 2 kinds of locker.
Big hand baggage enters a locker.

for the first time

Please hear the explanation.

repeat customers

Please wait a moment at a waiting room.

I'll guide you to a capsular room.

There are 6 capsules in capsular space. You can bring a cellular phone and a purse in.

Equipment is controlled according to your physical condition.

When you're a first customer, the pressure is increased slowly.
When you're an accustomed customer, the pressure is increased fastest.
Please tell me your request.

When it's an end, the air pressure is lowered in the same time.

A buzzer rings to tell the end.It's an end soon.
Your cell organization was activated.


I open a capsule after it's confirmed that decompression has ended.
And I'll guide a customer to lounge space. 

Please have a drink.

You have time comfortably, please until feeling returns.
Please drink the warm drink and the cold drink made using hydrogen water.

Powder room

Please use a powder room freely.

The next reservation

When a schedule is decided, please have the next reservation.

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